Tesco Summer Edition range 2024 bakery 2100x1400

Source: Tesco

On-trend flavours of yuzu, za’atar, and blood orange feature in new bakery items launched as part of Tesco’s summer range for 2024.

The retailer is said to be always looking ahead at global food trends, adding flavours to familiar products such as sandwiches, wraps, pastries, and sweet treats for exciting, unexpected twists.

Jasmin Moore, lead product development manager for trends, seasonal and future foods at Tesco, noted the inclusion of yuzu gave a “light floral, citrussy flavour” to its new Japanese-style chicken sandwich. Middle Eastern spice mix za’atar provides the “herby” element for its halloumi pastries, while blood orange shows up in its macarons.

“Whether you want to impress guests at a BBQ, stock the fridge with ‘picky bits’ for those warmer evenings or get everything needed for a picnic, the limited-edition range is packed full of fantastic new products to enjoy,” Moore added.

Find details below on each new limited-edition item appearing on Tesco shelves nationwide till August.


The aforementioned Japanese Style Chicken Yuzu Sandwich (rsp: £2.85) is comprised of soft nigella seed bread filled with chicken, yuzu mayo, pickled slaw, and spinach. There’s also the Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken Sandwich (rsp: £2.85), which has tender layers of chicken breast in a jerk sauce with mango chutney, pickled slaw, and spinach on soft tomato bread; and the Smokehouse Pulled Pork & BBQ Beans Sub (rsp: £3) made of pulled pork with barbecue beans and chipotle mayo on soft white bread.

These three sarnies can be bought as part of a £3.90 meal deal, whereas the Argentinian Style Chimichurri Chicken Sandwich (rsp: £4.25) on the Tesco Finest range is an option for the £5.50 premium meal deal. It features British chicken with Chimichurri mayo on chilli and herb bread.



The Spiced Mango, Lime & Chilli Chicken Wrap (rsp: £3) contains chicken breast and lettuce with a mango chutney, lime, and chilli dressing in a grill-marked tortilla. The Chinese Inspired Char Siu Wrap (rsp: £3) has pulled pork with char siu sauce, pickled cabbage slaw and spinach in a soft tortilla wrap. The remaining meal deal option is the Greek Style Chicken Gyros Wrap (rsp: £3), which features chicken, feta, lettuce Greek salad mix, and a yoghurt and mint dressing, wrapped in grill-marked tortilla.

On the Tesco Finest range, and available for the premium meal deal, is the Indian Style Miso Masala Chicken Wrap (rsp: £4) made with Indian style chicken in miso masala dressing, red cabbage, mango chutney, spinach, and rocket leaf salad enveloped in a spiced tortilla wrap.



The Halloumi, Honey & Za’atar Pastries (rsp: £3.50) have paprika pastry stuffed with a blend of halloumi, soft cheese and honey topped with sumac and cumin spices. Another Tesco Finest newcomer is the Flame-Baked Wild Garlic Flatbreads (rsp: £1.60 for two-pack), hand-stretched flatbreads enriched with wild garlic and baked in a tandoor-style clay lined oven.



Catering to the summer season’s demand for fresh and fruity flavours is the Passion Fruit, Mango & Lime Cake (rsp: £6), which showcases a lime-soaked vanilla sponge filled with mango curd, topped with passion fruit cream cheese frosting and decorated with passion fruit curd and white chocolate curls.

New Summer Edition Macarons (rsp: $4.50 for 10-pack) have also been introduced on the Tesco Finest range this year, offering two of each flavour of blood orange, lemon, passion fruit, raspberry and vanilla for the ‘delightfully crisp’ macarons.

Lastly, the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich (rsp: £3.25 for a six-pack) comprises a chocolate chip biscuit sandwich filled with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate chops, dipped in milk chocolate with cocoa nibs.