No-one will be too shocked that turkey has topped a list of Brits’ favourite festive sandwich fillings – but who’s up for a Christmas pud sarnie?

Warburtons has polled 2,000 British consumers to reveal the ingredients required to make the perfect Christmas sandwich.  

With over 50 festive combinations in the running, the results of the poll declared a sandwich consisting of thick white sliced bread, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise and pigs in blankets as the flavour winner, with 12pm-1pm on Boxing Day the optimal time to eat it.

“The Christmas sandwich is a national talking point each year and it’s clear that Brits are particular when it comes to what should and should not be included,” said Darren Littler, innovation director at Warburtons.

Going into more detail, Warburtons said the nation’s favourite Christmas sarnie fillings started with salted butter (25%), before adding mayonnaise (27%) and then cranberry sauce (34%).

But 2% admitted to putting Christmas pudding in their sandwich, and 9% said they would add avocado.

The results of the survey revealed that turkey came out top as a sandwich filling (66%), followed by chicken (44%), roast ham (42%), beef (35%) and brie (21%). A vegetarian sandwich was also a popular choice amongst 11% of Brits, with cauliflower cheese and nut roast teamed together for their sandwich of choice.

One in seven (14%) revealed they would choose a vegan option over a meat or vegetarian one, with their favourite ingredients being roast potatoes (12%), beetroot (12%) and falafel (7%).