Bakery ingredients manufacturer AB Mauri is set to increase the proportion of UK-sourced sustainable soya it uses.

As demand for sustainable soya products grows in the bakery and grocery markets, the business has been working with supplier Soya UK to source sustainable, locally-grown soya.

“We believe sustainability makes good sense for our business, our people and our planet,” said Stephen Tutt, head of supply chain and procurement, AB Mauri UK & Ireland.

“UK Soya’s overall approach to sustainability and yields is impressive. They are certified as producing sustainable soya under the BM Trada Soya Certification scheme, an internationally recognised standard.”

The ingredients supplier recently met with Soya UK associated growers, MJ & SC Collins of Matching Green, Essex, which is less than 30 miles from AB Mauri’s Royston Mill.

John Haynes, agriculture manager at MJ & SC Collins, said the annual yield of soya made it an attractive crop.

“It’s also extremely versatile and its close link to nitrogen is an environmental benefit for other growing groups, which subsequently require less extensive spraying than previously. The key thing is that we can still achieve a good yield when the weather conditions are extreme, which we cannot do with other crops within our estate.”

AB Mauri marketing business partner Sam Cook added that every ton of UK soya used by the ingredients business is “another ton that does not need to be imported from half a world away”.