Ingredients supplier British Bakels has launched a range of gluten-free bread mixes for retail.

The mixes, which have been approved by Coeliac UK, are available in Artisan, Multiseed and White. They retail at below £4.

The company claimed the products were the first of their kind to hit the UK market, and were good for bakeries that cannot provide a completely gluten-free production area.

It said: “Unlike many gluten-free bread doughs, they are non-sticky, which makes them ideal for bread machines at home. The three breads have a superior appearance, better softness and a more open crumb structure when compared to many gluten-free breads currently on the market. All three breads are soy-, egg- and milk-free and are suitable for vegetarians.”

To create the bread, consumers are required to add yeast and water and bake in the oven.

Greg Woodhead, product development manager of British Bakels, continued: “For the first time coeliacs will be able to enjoy the taste of artisan-style bread without having to worry about any side effects, as consumers will have the reassurance of the Coeliac Society’s Cross Grain symbol.

“This home baking kit - far from being a threat to the retail baker - is a real bonus as it means they can introduce a product range that was previously not available.”