Ingredients supplier Pecan Deluxe has launched a cookie dough inclusion for use in baked goods and ice-cream.

The company said cookie dough had become so popular among consumers that it was fast becoming a stand-alone dessert option.

Originating in the US, it was first introduced to the rest of the world as an ingredient in ice cream, with the cookie dough flavour now one of the top five flavour variants globally, it added.

“[It’s popular because of] it’s raw nature,” said Graham Kingston, managing director, Pecan Deluxe.

“You can taste the real butter, and the texture of sugar granules in the mouth make for happy reminiscing over days licking the remnants from the mixing bowl when making cookies at home.”

Following its increased popularity, some specialist cookie dough dessert outlets have already opened up in the UK. My Cookie Dough, for example has outlets in 12 shopping centres nationwide and offers flavours such as Red Velvet, Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Caramac.

However, cookie dough does not come without challenges, and bakers should take due care and consideration when looking to add it to their offering. Raw dough and batter could contain E.coli and make consumers sick, and raw eggs could cause salmonella.

Pecan Deluxe said that due to “highly rigorous production standards”, its cookie dough can be eaten raw.

It is available in chocolate chip and double chocolate flavours, as well as the option to create something bespoke.