CSM Bakery Solutions has revamped its range of Craigmillar Cake Mixes.

The refreshed line-up, which launches this month, includes Madeira Cake Mix, Farmhouse Cake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Complete Sponge Mix, Chocolate Crème Cake Mix, Plain Crème Cake Mix and Rich Celebration Cake Mix (see below).

CSM described the mixes as easy to use, and claimed they would produce even better results. Recipe brochures will be available for all the mixes.

“Craigmillar is a brand with lots of heritage and many trusted products, and we know it’s important to keep up to date with market trends and product demands,” said Cristiana Ballarini, category marketing leader, pastry mixes Europe at CSM Bakery Solutions.

“Using our expertise and knowledge from our bakery experts, we have made a few updates to some of our Craigmillar Cake Mixes and think bakers will be really pleased with the even better results and increase in sales.”

Complete Sponge Mix

The new sponge mixes have increased volume and size. The mix is self-levelling and CSM said it holds colour well, offering an impressive finish for sponge cakes or Swiss rolls. All bakers have to do is add water.

Farmhouse Cake Mix

For a more traditional cake, the Farmhouse Cake Mix produces a lightly spiced orange and cinnamon sponge. It’s designed to hold inclusions such as fruit, chocolate and nuts well.

Crème Cake Mix

The Crème Cake Plain and Chocolate Mixes are part of Craigmillar’s American Cake Mix range and can be used for muffins, cupcakes, cake slices or loaf cakes. The simplicity of the cakes makes them a good base to which other flavours can be added, said CSM.

Madeira Cake Mix

The Madeira Mix is one of Craigmillar’s traditional cakes and can be used for a variety of shapes and sizes, such as a celebration cake, loaf cake or cupcakes. The finished product can be easily sliced without crumbling, according to CSM, and produces a soft, moist texture.

Rich Celebration Cake Mix

This ‘extremely versatile’ Rich Celebration Cake Mix is suitable for Christmas cakes, weddings or celebrations, but can also be used for a variety of cakes such as farmhouse cake slices, a chocolate loaf or Easter cupcakes.