Bakery ingredients manufacturer Dawn Foods has launched a range of egg-free glazes.

The line-up comprises three products – Unishine Plus, Emulshine Extra and Emulshine Extra Sugar Free – that can be used on both sweet and savoury pastry products.

For the everyday baker, egg-free glazes are easy to store and avoid the risk of bacterial contamination, said the company. For manufacturers they are also remove concerns about availability and changes in the price of fresh eggs, it added.

Dawn’s new glazes contain no e-numbers, palm oil, trans fats or preservatives. Unishine Plus has less than 1% sugar and is vegan-friendly.

Dawn Foods described Unishine Plus as easy to apply to a range of sweet goods in either fine droplets or with a brush. The product should also reduce time spent on cleaning, said Dawn, as it does not leave an oily film on equipment. The other two glazes are suited to more demanding applications, such as being used before proofing or freezing, added the company.

The launch of these products comes soon after Dawn Foods released a range of gluten-free ingredients to meet increased demand for free-from bakery.