The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) boss has warned the industry that no sector is safe from the attack on sugar. 

Speaking at the FDF’s annual awards ceremony in London last night, director Ian Wright warned suppliers that the industry could be torn about by the “lies” of the health lobby if it lacks unity in the war on sugar.

Anticipating a debate on specific parts of the industry, he encouraged delegates to view “an attack on one as an attack on the many”, according to The Grocer.

He continued: “It’s really really important that every one of us in this room recognises that, over the next four or five months, the story about the food and drink industry, whether it is about your part of it or not, is going to be told by others in facts and lies.

“I would encourage you to keep our great industry together as we face the debate that is coming.”

As David Cameron considers what action to take against childhood obesity, soft drinks have so far borne the brunt of the sugar war.

TV chef Jamie Oliver has joined the debate and has so far gathered more than 127,000 signatures on a petition for a sugar tax on drinks. His documentary, Sugar Rush, aired last week (3 September).