Ulrick & Short flour

Ingredients supplier Ulrick & Short has unveiled a new range of functional flours.

Called Fazenda, the range comprises a series of flours derived from crops including tapioca, wheat, rye and spelt. They will join the firm’s clean label thickeners and stabilisers portfolio.

Benefits include softness, volume and moisture retention in bread, cakes and muffins, as well as adhesion and viscosity in batters and coatings, said the firm. The processing technologies used provide structure and a range of textures in bakery applications.

“Fazenda is a great addition to our ingredient portfolio and has really useful functionalities in both conventional and gluten-free bakery applications. The broad range of crop bases also gives manufacturers greater choice when it comes to declaration and transparency,” said Danni Schroeter, R&D manager at Ulrick & Short.

Due to Covid-19, consumer demand is high for food ingredients with ‘simple, recognizable and trustworthy’ declarations, it added

The range is clean label, non-GM and plant-based, with wholemeal and organic options available.

“Ingredient declarations and front of pack claims are now intricately linked to consumer buying habits. They must, therefore, give the consumer a good feeling when purchasing the product – whether this is a clean or organic declaration, or with sustainable ingredients and packaging. If consumers perceive that a product is unhealthy, unnatural, or artificial in any way, it’s a big deterrent,” Schroeter added.