Nabim, the National Association of British and Irish Millers, is launching a campaign to encourage non-bakers to put their ovens on and get baking.

Called the Easy Peasy Baking Campaign, it is designed to prove that baking at home can be simple, quick and cost-effective, with no need for complicated equipment.

The campaign follows a survey conducted by Nabim, which found that 24% of non-bakers said baking took too much time, while 22% didn’t bake due to lack of energy, and 19% didn’t because it was deemed too difficult. Nabim hopes its campaign will alleviate these barriers.

Consumers are encouraged to join in on social media, and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages have been set up in order to create a community that shares bakes, recipes and tips. The first month will focus on showing people baking is a great new hobby for 2020.

Nabim will also be sharing recipes on these platforms to help with this. Recipes posted so far include banana bread, chilli & sweetcorn fritters, and savoury muffins.