EHL Ingredients has reported a global surge in prices for cassia cinnamon following heavy rainfall in south-east Asia.

The food ingredients supplier confirmed the wholesale cost of cassia cinnamon had risen by around 20% year on year (February 2013 vs February 2014).

Heavy rainfall in Indonesia impacted crops, EHL said, leaving the spice in short supply. In addition, customer demand for cinnamon, both in ground format and in whole quills, has also increased among UK food manufacturers, bakers, wholesalers and retailers.

However, the company assured customers it was doing all it could to ensure that they were not hit by the price hikes in the long-term and that prices for EHL’s products remained steady.

Tasneem Backhouse, sales director at EHL Ingredients, said: “Faced with increasing demand for this popular and versatile spice, we are working to ensure that prices remain as stable as possible at EHL.

“Predictions show that the wet weather in Indonesia is due to peter out in the next couple of months, which should ensure optimum conditions for the drying process and a stabilisation of prices.”


Cassia cinnamon, extracted from the bark of a particular variety of the laurel tree, can be found in Indonesia, as well as several other parts of south-east Asia. Cinnamon is harvested immediately after the rainy season, when the bark is soft and easy to strip.

The strips of bark, or quills, are then left in the sun to dry out, before being rolled on a board to give them their shape. In humid or rainy conditions, mechanical dryers are used to assist in this process.

EHL Ingredients supplies ground cinnamon in bulk 25kg bags or it can be ordered in smaller quantities if required. Cinnamon quills are available in two sizes, 8cm and 15cm, in 10kg bags.