Puratos has extended its Satin range with two variants containing 20% less sugar than a standard Satin cake mix.

Satin 20 would make it easier for bakers to reduce sugar in their products and meet Public Health England targets, claimed the supplier.

Citing research by Mintel, Puratos said 44% of UK cake consumers would be interested in a low-sugar option and that Satin 20 would enable bakers to tap growing consumer demand for healthier treats.

Available in Plain and Chocolate in 12.5kg bags, Satin 20 is described as a tolerant and robust mix that can be used to create bakery products including muffins, loaves and pancakes. It contains only natural flavours and requires the addition of just egg, oil and water.

“Taste is always king for Puratos so we have managed to develop this new variant without any compromise on flavour or consistency,” said Puratos senior product manager Philippa Knight, who described the Satin range as one of the company’s most iconic products.

“The new product complements our existing Satin range which has been a firm favourite for 25 years.”

Public Health England last year revealed that, between 2017 and 2018, the average total sugar per 100g fell 4.8% in the cakes category and 3.6% across morning goods.