Flour miller W & H Marriage & Sons has revealed that demand for spelt flour continues to soar as its supplier David Hill celebrates 20 years of growing British spelt.

Hill has supplied British-grown spelt to Marriage’s for five years and, each year, the acreage has increased to fuel the growing customer demand for the ancient grain.

Hannah Marriage, company director of W & H Marriage & Sons, said that, with greater consumer focus on health, there has been more interest in ancient grains like spelt.

David Hill’s family have farmed at Manor Farm since 1932. Having grown seed for many years, Hill introduced spelt in the 1990s.

“We are proud that 2017 marks the 20th year of us growing spelt and are pleased that demand continues to increase each year,” said Hill. “Supplying to Marriage’s keeps the supply chain local, and it is satisfying to see spelt bread on the shelves of our local baker’s, Hingham Bakery, made out of spelt that we have grown and Marriage’s have milled into flour.”

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