Eurostar Commodities has launched a three-strong range of vegetable pizza flour mixes.

Described as higher in fibre and protein, the products are made from a blend of 100% vegetable powder, natural yeast and ‘00’ Italian pizza flour.

Available now, the premixes are being sold in spinach, beetroot and sweet potato flavours in 4 x 3kg bag formats, or in a mixed case from Italian wholesalers across the UK and direct from Eurostar.

The inspiration for ’pizza base mixing’ came from the village of Guardiagrele in the hills of the Abruzzo region the company’s MD Philip Bull explained.

“Small pizzerias were offering choices on pizza bases – as well as toppings,” he said.

“Frequently served by the slice, Italians were eating bases made from mixes of spinach, sweet potato and even liquorice. Small restaurants are starting to offer it on their menus, asking customers ‘what base would you like?’ on the back of healthy eating trends and, of course, offering a much fuller flavour.” 

A Wholemeal Spelt pizza base mix has also been launched as part of the range.

Meanwhile, nutritional app Nutrifix has teamed up with Rossopomodoro to design what it has claimed is one of the healthiest pizzas on the market.

The high-protein, high-fibre whole wheat and quinoa-based Nutrifix Fit Pizza contains 600 calories and is topped with prebiotic ingredients such as courgette sauce, roman broccoli and seaweed.

Nutrifix nutritionist Ruth Tongue, who designed the pizza, said: “We shouldn’t feel guilty about eating our favourite foods, but if we can make pizza even healthier then it’s a win-win. This pizza is packed with protein, so perfect for a post-gym session, or for anyone wanting a filling meal without the typically associated fat and calories.”

The pizza will go on sale exclusively at Rossopomodoro restaurants throughout August.