Tewkesbury-based Drapers Bakery has been ordered to pay £5,500 in costs and damages following persistent misuse of Bakers Basco bread baskets.

An injunction hearing at Bristol County Court heard the bakery had been caught on a number of occasions in the past using another company’s equipment without permission, and had made historical payments to Bakers Basco totalling more than £3,000 in damages.

Drapers director Stephen Jenkins agreed to enter into a court order – a formal undertaking not to repeat the offence - for an indefinite term and pay costs and damages.

Judge Barry Cotter QC explained to Jenkins that failing to keep his promise would constitute contempt of court and would trigger sanctions that could include being fined, having assets seized or even a prison sentence.

Steve Millward, general manager of Bakers Basco, which manages and licenses bread baskets and wheeled trollies for the use of bakers, said the company was “sick and tired of a small minority who think it’s acceptable to use other people’s equipment without their permission”.

“Taking our bread baskets and dollies without permission means other people have to foot the bill because it means extra costs for the baker which have to be passed on to the retailer and, ultimately, the consumer,” he added.

Draper’s Jenkins told British Baker: “I think bakeries, especially small ones, need to be extremely careful. We certainly won’t be doing it again. I could have ended up in prison. For £5,500 you can buy a lot of trays.”

British Baker exclusively spoke with Steve Millward in April 2017 following a number of bread basket misuse incidents over the past year.