ADM Milling has launched a new Harvest Sun Malted Flour range – following a successful trial with customers.

The flour is a rich blend of wheat flour, malted barley flour and malted wheat flakes and has already proved a hit with customers.

Commenting on the launch, Peter Hayes, national sales manager, ADM Milling, said: “There is no doubt that consumers recognise top quality when they see and taste it.

"Our craft bakery customers are always very keen to have top-quality artisan breads to display and sell to cater for this demand. In response to this we have developed Harvest Sun Flour to produce an authentic malted bread alternative that consumers are looking to buy and our customers are looking to bake.”

Artisan style

Laura Passingham, ADM’s marketing executive, added: “At ADM Milling, our close relationships with our customers help inform the new products we develop.

"We have been working on products to help our customers meet the growing trend of artisan-style products, as consumers look to combine health and indulgence.

"Bakers have asked for malted flake products with an enhanced malty flavour. They told us they needed a premium quality malted flour, which would bake into bread products with an extra malty flavour.”