Ingredients and finished goods supplier Dawn Foods is giving away Halloween toolkits to bakers.

The giveaway is part of a promotional push that includes recipes, offers on ingredients, limited-edition finished frozen products and the chance to win a holiday.

Bakers will receive a free Halloween-themed toolkit with any five purchases of 12.5kg bags of plain or chocolate Crème Cake Base, Extra Moist Muffin Base (plain or chocolate) or 6kg pails of vanilla, chocolate or orange frosting.

The kits feature Dobla-branded chocolate bat decorations and point-of-sale material, and are designed to create a range of Halloween-themed sweet bakes and decorate a fixture or display.

Dawn is also offering three finished Halloween products: a doughnut filled with blackcurrant & orange sauce and topped with orange icing and chocolate bats; a muffin with contrasting orange sugar nib decorations and a Halloween-branded muffin cup; and a cookie with a Halloween wrapper.

Dawn said UK consumer spending for Halloween products had almost doubled since 2013, and reached £419m in 2018.

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