The BBC is looking for a selection of bakers to take part in a new series about baking in the Victorian era.

Production company Wall To Wall, the producer of series such as Who Do You Think You Are?, is searching for modern bakers to be in the baking series, and recreate recipe and techniques from the 19th century.

The three-part series will be shown on BBC Two, and aims to “show how bread fuelled Britain’s transformation into a great superpower”.

It will be filmed in an appropriate Victorian location over the summer, and the show hopes bakers will be able to bring their own knowledge and expertise to the screen. 

Kim Shillinglaw, controller, BBC Two and Four, said: “During the Victorian era, Britain changed more dramatically than in any other time. Through the tough working lives of Victorian bakers – in charge of the nation’s most important foodstuff - we’ll get a unique view of the sweeping changes that shaped our nation and brought us into the modern age.”

The company will be seeking not just artisan bakers, but also bakers from larger scale bakeries, as well as patissiers and bakers with other specialist skills. 

Aisling Browne, assistant producer of the show said: “We will film a small team of modern bakers as they recreate the recipes and techniques from the 19th century – in authentic working conditions, right down to period costumes. While doing so, we’ll tell the story of a period of seismic change for the nation.

“We are looking to cast our time-travelling bakers from across the board of the modern trade, seeking individuals who bring specialist knowledge about, and passion for, different aspects of the modern business. We want people who can bring their passion about baking and have ideas about what works and what works well for them."

Bakers who want to apply can email for the link to the application form.

Applicants must be a UK resident aged 18 + and working professionally as a baker.