Angel Food Bakery is distributing leftover products through waste-prevention app, Olio. 

The Brighton-based business uploads photographs and descriptions of products to the app, which people in the area can then apply for and collect from the bakery.

Olio is a free app that allows neighbours and business to exchange foodstuffs. The app launched in London last summer and recently went live in Brighton and Hove.

Claire Tymoshyshyn, manager of Angel Food Bakery, told British Baker: “It’s really good, as sometimes we do just have a few cakes left over and we don’t have time to hand them over to homeless people.”

The bakery is giving away its product for free, but does ask for a voluntary donation, some of which goes to animal rescue charity Sussex Pet Rescue.

Tymoshyshyn said: “What we do is ask for a small donation depending on the size of the box we have. Half goes on the packaging and the rest to charity.

“It’s a nice way to give something back. We’re not just saving cakes from the bin, but donating to charity as well.”

In the future, Tymoshyshyn hopes to prevent even more waste by exchanging unwanted ingredients with other local business, such as egg yolks left over from macaron production.