Craft Bakers’ Week got off with a bang when Mike Holling, executive director of the Craft Bakers’ Association appeared on Channel 4.

Holling, along with cookery writer Angela Clutton, was a guest on Sunday Brunch, which is hosted by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer on Sunday, 27 September.

The duo rubbed shoulders with fashion designer Henry Holland, Stereophonics’ lead singer Kelly Jones and actor John Hannah and were able to talk about the week, its aims and fundraising for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Holling told the hosts: “We’ve got a great week, our theme is ‘Love your Baker’, and we are lovable people. We’ve got samples going on, presentations and it’s really to tell the customer that we are an integral part of the high street and a vital part of that place.”

When quizzed about whether larger bakeries could be classed as craft, he replied: “You can, by all means, because we operate 56 shops and we still view ourselves as a craft baker. We are very particular about the ingredients, the process and the methods that we use, and we try, as all bakers should do, to make good-quality product.”

Nearly 250 businesses and 687 shops have signed up to support Craft Bakers’ Week. And it is not too late to show your support, which you can do on the Craft Bakers’ Week website.