Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the Greggs bakery distribution centre in Enfield earlier this week with Ronnie Draper, general secretary of the Bakers and Allied Food Workers Union, to launch the next phase of Labour’s initiative to improve workplace rights.


The purpose of the visit was to engage workers, managers and union representatives in the party’s Workplace 2020 consultation. The party is asking people to contribute ideas in 13 different areas about how to improve the workplace if the party wins power.

Corbyn was pictured in a hairnet and apron helping to prepare cupcakes to be delivered to shops across the country.

Corbyn said: “Labour will ensure we build workplaces fit for the future. We will end the exploitation of working people, tackle low pay and protect people’s rights in the workplace.

“This is why Labour has launched Workplace 2020, an inclusive discussion with working people and employers on what the world of work should look like in 2020.”