Pinkmans aims to be the “go-to place” for Bristol foodies, with Steven Whibley as a co-founder. 

Whibley said: “Bristol is recognised as the UK’s regional food capital, with its amazing food and drink culture, its distinct character and fantastic local produce, as well as the hills and the bridge, it’s the San Francisco of the UK. I can’t think of anywhere better to live and work.”

Whibley used to run Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) in London, which he left in 2011. He wanted to create a new range of bread, which was the inspiration behind Pinkmans, which he runs with Troels Bendix, who he met while at LPQ, and Michael Engler. Engler was the former head pastry chef at L’enclume restaurant in Cumbria for nine years.

Pinkmans has opened in the city centre, and specialises in breads and pastries, as well as catering for the lunch and evening meal markets, with offerings such as soup and meatballs. The bakery is also open until 10pm, to catch evening trade.

Whibley said: “We decided to open on Park Street because although Bristol has a number of great bakeries, there was nobody baking on what we see as Bristol’s most iconic street.

As well as offering a takeaway service, there are also ledges for customers to perch at, and large communal tables. The open bakery kitchen’s wood-fired stone ovens produce bakes including ‘sour dough-nuts’ and sourdough pizza.

Whibley added: “We know where every ingredient comes from and why. No artificial preservatives or colourings and no GM.”