High street sandwich chain Subway has hired Bob Dalgarno, Liam Dalgarno and Adrian Johnson to oversee brand development in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

The trio will be in charge of driving the growth of the Subway brands across the three regions, which currently have 73 Subway stores.

Father and son Bob and Liam Dalgarno have a lot of experience working for the brand, opening their first store as franchisees in 2004. They also have experience working as regional development agents for Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, overseeing growth from 44 Subway stores in that region to 107.

Johnson started at Subway as a store manager before working with the Dalgarnos as a field consultant in the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex region.

Liam Dalgarno said he was delighted to become the new regional development agent for Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, and outlined plans for development in both their new and existing territories.

“It was always a goal of my father, Bob, and I to have our own development agent territory, and when the opportunity arose in 2011, we jumped at it. We haven’t looked back since,” Dalgarno said.

“Taking on the new territory, with Adrian joining us on the contract, cements our commitment to driving development for the brand. We’re now looking to the future and have a target of opening 90 new Subway stores across the two territories in the next five years.”