You may well have heard of the latest baking trend to hit the UK; the combining of two or more recipes to create a never-been-eaten hybrid treat.

It all started with the infamous ‘Cronut‘ - a cross between a croissant and a doughnut - which is now arguably the most sought-after pastry in the US. The Cronut is only available in America due to a strict patent law held by the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York from where it originates. But this hasn’t stopped London-based Rinkoff Bakery from taking inspiration and launching their own take on the idea - the ‘CroDough’. And other bakers are also beginning to experiment to produce such bakes as the ‘Dosant’ (Daniel Doherty) and ‘Fauxnut’ (Ed Kimber). Other hybrid treats to have taken the UK by storm this year include ‘Townies’ (Tart/Brownie), ‘Duffins’ (Doughnut/Muffin) and ‘Biskie’ (Cookie/Biscuit). It appears that British baking is getting ever more creative.

The adoption of cake trends from overseas is nothing new; take the popular Whoopie Pie from the US or the Australian Lamington as examples of food fashions which originated from abroad. But will the hype of duel-desserts continue to see the Cronut becoming the next cupcake? What will be created next? Perhaps a ’Pastrudel’ (pancake in strudel form) or what about a ’Cheeserole’ (profiterole filled with baked cheesecake).

With all the hype of new, fresh ideas, let’s hope that traditional British recipes - such as the Manchester Tart and Lardy Cake aren’t all but forgotten and we see a renaissance of old-fashioned favourites in the trendy bakeries of Britain.

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