Bakery chain Apostrõphe has partnered up with an independent catering group in order to aid its London growth.

CH&Co, which now has a 50% stake in the London-based high street bakery and café chain, will help the business to grow in the capital. It has already opened two new outlets in the City this year.

The two businesses have worked in partnership prior to the move, opening up an Apostrõphe kiosk at The Tower of London as part of CH&Co’s £60m Historic Royal Palaces contract won by its ’venue and public attraction’ brand Ampersand.

Tim Jones, chairman of CH&Co, told British Baker: "The focus for Apostrõphe will remain on it being a high street brand and that element will continue to grow. We plan to roll out a programme across the capital and, as the brand develops, we will consider opportunities further afield potentially with our professional centres, in a more upmarket environment."

Amir Chen, CEO of Apostrõphe, said: "London is a big market and we now have 14 locations here, aside from our Heathrow and Gatwick airport sites. There’s lots of room to grow and the new partnership with CH&Co, in addition to a franchising agreement with the company, will help us to access the fast-growing high street market further."