Office workers in the north of England and Scotland are the most likely to buy lunch in a bakery (13%), followed by those in the Midlands and Wales (11%) and the South (6%).

A survey by Bakehouse found that supermarkets are the most popular place to buy lunch for Southern office workers (46%), while those in offices in the Midlands and Wales favour sandwich shops (40%) and Scots split their allegiance equally between supermarkets and sandwich shops (35%).

When they are out shopping for food, sandwiches are the lunch of choice for the majority of workers around the country. However, those in the Midlands and Wales are the most likely to sample savoury pastries (27%) and sweet bakery products (18%), but Southerners are those most likely to buy other alternatives to sandwiches, such as fruit, crisps, ready meals or soup.

And just to bust a few myths, Scottish and Northern office workers spend the most on lunch, forking out an average of £3.15 each day while 3% of Southerners confess to spending less than £1. Those in the North and Scotland are also the most likely to look out for meal deals (43%) while 74% of those in the Midlands and Wales said their lunch-buying habits hadn’t changed recently.

Also, many office workers from every region can be tempted to make an impulse purchase if they see an attractive display of pastries: 56% in the South, 57% in the Midlands and 62% in the North.

However, clear shelf labels, fully stocked shelves and freshly baked options are all deemed more important than meal deals or money-off offers by everyone across the regions. More than two-thirds of those in each region also agreed that they like to see new products in the freshly baked savoury category.