The new Breakfast Selection from Bakehouse, supplier of breads and pastries for bake-off, is offering three continental favourites in one case - 16 All-butter Croissants, 10 Pain Chocolat and 10 Pain Raisin.

All have been declared by Raymond Blanc as: "the best I have tasted outside my own kitchens", according to the company.

The products bake-off from frozen in 20 minutes, offering consumers instant choice. Kate Raison, marketing director at Bakehouse, says: "Bakehouse’s breakfast selection pack is currently the only mixed case of its kind on the market, and offers a convenient solution for retailers faced with the challenge of offering an appealing variety of freshly baked treats where freezer and kitchen space is limited."

She says that the selection has been designed to "reflect sales patterns, ensuring minimal wastage and maximum sales."