Bakers, sandwich shops and coffee bars are all seeing growth in sandwich sales according to data revealed at the Lunch! show. Jim Winship, director of the British Sandwich Association (BSA) highlighted findings from Taylor Nelson Sofres research in the BSA’s latest report.

Bakers are top of the table, with a 13.3% volume share of the commercial sandwich market. Multiples account for 12.9% of the market, with workplace kiosks taking 12.6%. Sandwich bars were in fourth place with 8% and coffee bars sixth with 5%. Sandwich bars have seen the biggest volume growth in the last year, up 12.5%.

Winship described the lunchbox market as "one of the most fruitful" areas for sandwich operators to exploit. Meal deals could also be better developed as 79.4% of sales are for sandwiches alone. l The BSA is also to launch online training courses, so that sandwich-makers and sandwich bar operators can train staff at minimal cost. The first course, aimed at sandwich-makers, should be available by November, with a second, for sandwich bar operators, launched in January 2009. Topics will include legislation, food safety and waste and should cost £20 to £25 per worker.