WMF is to launch its new 2000 S coffee machine at the Caffè Culture exhibition at the end of this month. The company boasts that this new piece of kit can help anyone make coffee like a barista, with its advanced, integrated milk foaming capabilities.

Three models are available: the ’standard version’, with an integrated milk frother; the ’steam milk’ version for manual frothing of the milk; and the ’dual milk’ version that combines both types of preparation in one machine.

"It is the air supply that regulates the quality of the milk froth and we have developed a sophisticated system, which delivers a choice of three qualities of milk froth, in the steam milk/dual milk versions; standard, fine and superfine," explained WMF UK managing director Florian Lehmann.

"’Standard’ delivers 50% volume and is generally used for making drinks such as latte macchiato. ’Fine’ gives 40% volume, great for creating the creamy topping on a cappuccino and ’superfine’ offers an extremely dense 30% volume, with a shiny, creamy consistency, suitable for latte art creations."

The machine can also froth different types of milk: non-lactose or soya and milk with different fat contents. It measures just 325mm (w) x 556mm (d) and can produce up to 200 cups per hour.

It will be on display on stand number H64 at Caffè Culture from 23-35 June at Olympia, London.