The British Society of Baking (BSB) is to introduce a medallion of office for the new year.

Current chairman Sara Autton, who was formally approved for the second year of her term at this year’s BSB conference, will receive the medallion at the start of 2014.

Jim Brown, treasurer and conference coordinator for the BSB, said: “Up until now the BSB chairman has not had a chain of office, as it was not seen to be necessary. However, the chairman now attends the events of other organisations, all of whom have chains or badges of office for their chairmen and presidents. It was felt fitting, therefore, that the BSB chairman should also have a badge of office to wear at formal events.”

Following Autton’s second year as chairman, she will be succeeded by Michael Bagshaw, the current vice-chairman.

Focusing on ‘Better Business’ in today’s economic climate, the conference welcomed attendees to the Ardencote Manor Hotel, Claverdon, Warwick earlier this month. Speakers included Chris Brockman, Mich Turner, Robert Pate and Graham Jones.