Heinz Foodservice is targeting four key categories of consumers after identifying massive untapped potential in the breakfast market, with research showing that 52% of people had not eaten breakfast out-of-home in the last three months.

The research showed out-of-home breakfast consumers fall under four categories: those who "fuel up" on a cooked breakfast every day; those who "grab ’n’ go" and regularly skip breakfast because they are time-poor; those looking for a tasty, but guilt-free breakfast and those wanting a "total treat" occasionally, with a slap-up breakfast.

Tal Drori, brand manager for Heinz Foodservice, said: "A British fry-up is still the favoured breakfast out-of-home, with 56% of people. However, hot rolls/sandwiches account for 15% and 14% of the market respectively. So there is still enormous scope for maximising breakfast potential.

"By identifying these distinct consumer types, we can offer complementary products for breakfast and can show caterers how to appeal to their consumers to maximise their breakfast profitability."