Wheat-free bakery products are more commonplace in Australia than the UK, according to the latest Austrends 2009 Trade report, and there are good growth opportunities available. The report, published by the Australian Trade Commission, provides insight into how Aussie food and beverage producers are delivering innovation within key trends in the UK market.

It also commented that free-from foods don’t just appeal to a niche audience, such as in the UK, but are popular in the mainstream arena too. Michael Carp, MD at Kez’s Kitchen, which produces crispbreads and biscuits, including a gluten-free range, said sales of gluten-free products have grown rapidly over the last five years. "There is a greater availability of gluten-free products and, importantly, premium-quality items [in Australia]," he noted.

But according to Mintel, the UK market for free-from foods is by no means growing slowly, having increased by more than 300% in the last five years.

Other key Australian food trends included: super-premium; real CSR; and digestive health.