Bakers are being urged to sign up to a service designed to help consumers find local bakery businesses that deliver.

The Cybake team at Redblack Software is set to launch Baker Direct, an online directory of bakeries offering a delivery service in the UK and Ireland.

The initiative was created after users of the Cybake bakery management system told Redblack they were introducing home deliveries to support their local communities.

Bakers, many of whom have seen their wholesale trade to restaurants, hotels and schools disappear virtually overnight, are encouraged to register with the service.

Demand for fresh bakery products had been brought into stark focus by the recent panic-buying, said Redblack managing director Jane Tyler.

“Households in lockdown are already missing fresh bread and other bakery products, so bakeries that continue through the crisis are doing their respective nations proud. Our aim is to support them all the way.

“Bakers Direct is very easy to use with postcode search,” explained Tyler. “We want to encourage people to buy locally rather than from the over-stretched supermarkets. If you have already switched to home deliveries or are thinking about doing so as a way of serving your community and keeping your ovens going through the emergency, please get in touch.”

Bakeries that want to be included on the site should contact