Pizza company Domino’s is looking to muscle in on the lunchtime sandwich trade after launching a range of made-to-order subs across its 600-plus stores, while also trialling breakfast sandwiches and Lavazza coffee.

The firm has backed the six-strong range of oven-baked subs, which are made with ciabatta bread from Giles Foods, with a heavyweight marketing campaign, including TV advertising, an online push through YouTube and a week-long promotion with The Sun, providing readers with a token for a free sub each day.

Domino’s new lunchtime menu features flavours such as Cheese Steak Melt, Meatball Sub and Vegi Supreme. Each sub costs £3.49 and is made to order using fresh ingredients and can be bought in-store or delivered.

The company, which has 581 franchised stores in the UK and 46 in Ireland, has also launched a trial of hot breakfast subs with any combination of bacon, sausage and egg in its Manchester and Crawley stores, with the Manchester outlet also selling Lavazza coffee. A sub and a coffee delivered will cost £7.99, or £4.99 if bought in-store.

"Historically most of our sales are at dinner time, but there is a tremendous opportunity to grow sales outside this occasion," said sales and marketing director Simon Wallis.

"It will be tough for Domino’s to take on the likes of Greggs and Subway because its brand is so associated with pizza in consumers’ minds, rather than sandwiches," said Jim Winship, director of the British Sandwich Association.

"But Domino’s has done a brilliant job in the pizza delivery market with some very clever marketing. If it manages the same thing in subs, then it could be interesting."