Williams Bakery is to supply its Dorset Flapjacks on a charity expedition to the South Pole for the second year running.

A team will be departing for the Antarctic later this year in aid of Walking with the Wounded (WWTW), a charity that supports war veterans, and which saw Prince Harry take part in the trek last year.

The WWTW South Pole Challenge involves three teams - from the UK, the US and the Commonwealth - in a ‘race’ to the South Pole. They will be walking for about three weeks in temperatures of -35°C.

Jonathan Williams, of Williams Bakery, said: “We are delighted to be supporting this cause and know that our Dorset Flapjacks will provide the walkers with just what they need on the expedition.

“Flapjacks are the ideal food as they can be broken in to pieces and eaten gradually or eaten as a bar on the move. Walkers need an estimated 7,000 calories per day or three-and-a- half times the recommended daily intake for adults. Dorset Flapjacks have now been stress-tested at low temperatures and the teams were pleased to report that they still taste great at -45°C.”

See walkingwiththewounded.org.uk for more details.