A new online survey has revealed that consumers would fancy a cheese and onion doughnut accompanied by a glass of champagne.

In the run-up to National Doughnut Week on 12-19 May, other savoury varieties, such as bacon with maple syrup or cheese and chutney, came out as favourites. The majority of people interviewed confirmed a cup of tea should go alongside the traditional jam doughnut, but a glass of bubbly would suit their dream doughnuts.

Helen Sinclair of bakery ingredients business CSM United Kingdom – sponsor of National Doughnut Week – said: “The fun survey gave us a fresh insight into the consumers’ love of doughnuts and their wish-list for the future, demonstrating that consumers have a real affection for the baked goods, which they believe deliver a unique treat sensation for young and old.

“And for bakers seeking to increase doughnut sales and raise even more cash for charity during National Doughnut Week, our survey says loud and clear - the biggest ‘must have a doughnut’ trigger is watching someone else eating one, so why not hand out a few samples and trigger the doughnut munchies in your shop?”

National Doughnut Week aims to help bakers increase sales of doughnuts, as well as the awareness of their role on the high street, while raising money for The Children’s Trust. To find out more, visit www.nationaldoughnutweek.org.