Biscuit brand Fox’s is adding a new cookie to its half-coated Chunkie range this month. The Chunkie Extremely Chocolatey Fruit & Nut Cookie contains dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate chunks, nuts and raisins and is semi-coated in milk chocolate.

Fran Kitson, Chunkie Cookies brand manager, said the new additionwas expected to add £1.1m and 32% growth to the Chunkie line. "Consumer trends are showing a continued growth in ’treating’ occasions and consumers are looking for more affordable luxuries, such as biscuits, to treat themselves during difficult times."

In-store promotional activity, point-of-sale and PR, as well as Fox’s successful ’Vinnie’ advertising campaign will be used to support the new line.

RRP: £1.59 per pack (9 packs to a shelf-ready case)