ADM Cocoa has introduced a new line of mildly fruity cocoa products to provide bakers and manufacturers with a delicate-tasting chocolate range.

The deZaan Fresco Cacao range features a cocoa powder F11FR, cocoa mass DZFM 7000 and deZaan Fresco Cacao chocolate, aiming to offer an alternative to bitter varieties that may not complement some bakery products.

Rinus Heemskerk, director of innovation at ADM Cocoa International, said: "We have identified a growing demand for chocolate-flavoured ingredients with reduced bitterness, designed to appeal to a wider audience.

"This range is a significant evolution of our high-quality deZaan cocoa product portfolio and, with the variety of flavours, the new deZaan Fresco Cacao can be applied to such diverse food areas as dairy, cereals, confectionery and baked goods."

The range, which can complement dairy or fruit applications, was launched at the FiE show last month