Major sandwich shops and coffee chains have announced commitments to produce ’healthier’ products as part of a wider project by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) targeting food outlets.

Caffè Nero, Greggs, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Eat, Pret A Manger and BB’s Coffee & Muffins have published commitments, ranging from reducing the level of salt and fat in their products, to providing additional nutritional information.

The FSA has specifically looked at targeting the larger sandwich and coffee chains, as they have a wide consumer reach, but is encouraging other businesses selling baked goods and sandwiches to work with them, said an FSA spokesperson.

Starbucks has said it has already identified 10 products on which it believes it could further reduce the level of saturated fat, calories or salt, and recipe reformulation is under way. Caffè Nero is to look at the saturated fat in its wedge sandwiches, as well as the portion size of its more indulgent items such as cakes, while Pret has said it will look at the performance of its smaller portion sizes to see if it can be rolled out to additional lines.