The Hairy Bakers will hit our screens tonight with a new series on BBC2 looking at all things bakery.

Dave Myers and Simon King, known as the Hairy Bikers will embark on a journey across the UK to discover the best of British baking. They’ll meet with top millers and bakers and test out various recipes along the way, from gourmet bread and pies to ornate wedding cakes.The four-part series starting tonight - 18 August - will be screened from 8.30 - 9pm. The duo will be hopping on their bikes to take a look at the history of bread and demonstrating the rewards of baking a healthy white roll fit for the very British bacon buttie.

The first episode also sees them mill their own flour at a Lincolnshire windmill to make a fermented classic brown loaf, producing homemade naan bread on the shores of a lake and bake brown ale and cheese bread back in Dave’s kitchen.

The next episode on Bank Holiday Monday sees them making Bakewell tarts in Derbyshire, and scones at Chatsworth House. The boys also hunt for tips on how to make the perfect Victoria sandwich.

A Christmas special is to follow later in the year.