"Provenance and traceability are really important at the moment. Consumers are becoming more interested in the story behind their food and where it actually comes from.

As a result, we are seeing increasing references to the origins of key ingredients on food packaging or menus.

This is particularly noticeable where premium products are concerned, as retailers and caterers are able to add value in this way and then go on to command prices that reflect the high quality of the product.

A growing number of consumers are willing to pay these prices, as they recognise that the ingredients will be of a high quality, resulting in a full-flavoured product that tastes of exactly what it says it will.

Indulgence is key for innovation within the bakery sector, and products with quality inclusions such as Belgian chocolate, whole fruit and nuts are proving very popular.

This trend is likely to continue as consumers realise that it is possible to achieve a healthy balance between nutrition and indulgence, by choosing high quality products.

Health-specific concerns meanwhile, are currently focused around issues such as reducing salt and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Rachel Saunders, development chef at Bakehouse, comments on current trends in new product development

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