La Pizza, a privately owned manufacturer of dough balls, tear-and-share garlic bread and Mediterranean speciality breads, supplying into the foodservice industry, has developed a range of healthier frozen part-baked pizza bases. All products contain less than 1% salt and are made using natural ingredients, containing no preservatives or GM products.

La Pizza’s brown bases come with an additional 10% bran and Omega-3 for even more benefits. They are low in fat, with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and a salt level for the brown bases of 0.75%, while all other products are 0.9%. The Omega-3 added bases are available in rounds (12" or 16") or rectangles (15" x 11") to help with portion control. They are delivered part-baked and bake quickly in 5-7 minutes, once topped (depending on the oven).

La Pizza has a range of thin and crispy pizza bases from 7" to 16". Supplied part-baked, they are easy to handle and simply need thawing out, topping and baking. Alternatively, you can roll your own base using La Pizza’s dough balls, made to an authentic Neapolitan recipe with good elasticity. Both products are low in fat and are made using no artificial flavours or preservatives.