ADM Cocoa has launched a range of long shelf-life premium fillings, for use by the confectionery and bakery industries. Developed in collaboration with ADM Oils and Fats, the new products are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as adding refinement to products such as éclairs, filled biscuits and pralines. They are available in a variety of flavours, including: strawberry, orange, fresh yoghurt and custard, as well as chocolate and truffle-type. According to the firm, the new fillings combine great taste with the long shelf-life, which has previously been difficult to achieve in premium fillings that often have a high moisture content.

Simon Godden, new product development manager at ADM Cocoa, explained: "Combining an indulgent taste with a long shelf-life has raised a number of issues for confectionery manufacturers in the past. We have used our broad technical expertise across product lines to overcome these problems and offer an extensive range of textures and flavours that will help our customers differentiate their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace."

The firm also claim that the fillings combine richness and functionality, such as flexible melting points.