Lord Alan Sugar’s team of apprentices proved that it’s not an easy job being a baker, as they carried out their latest task in the BBC1 series, screened last night.

The two teams – Apollo and Synergy – were split into two groups: one to manufacture the products, and one to pitch the rolls and muffins to potential clients, including top hotels, restaurants and coffee shop Apostrophe, before coming to together to try and flog the goods from a market stall to, you might say, the unlucky general public.

The premises of two London bakeries were used by the apprentices for the day, before they were kicked out at midnight when, presumably, the bakery’s real staff had to come in and clean up the unbelievable mess of cake mix the apprentices had left in their wake, before starting their night shift.

Team Synergy’s first pitch, to the hoteliers, was almost laughable, with team leader Melissa (somewhat shockingly a food business manager) pricing a roll per unit at more than double the correct amount, before disappearing with the team for five, or should that be 15 minutes, to try and get to grips with the figures. Not surprisingly, the client was not very impressed.

Next up was Apollo, pitching to the same hotel. It all seemed quite promising as Paloma managed to upsell an agreed 1,000 muffins to 1,500. However, things then took a turn for the worse with their manufacturing arm not taking the order seriously, and team-leader Shibby huffing and puffing like a child before telling his next potential clients, “No, we can’t do it” as it slowly dawned on him that, maybe, his team was not going to be able to produce another huge order.

The two teams then tried selling their wares directly to the consumer from a market stall, with Apollo’s Shibby telling his team to focus on selling muffins, because “nobody cares about bread”... or words to that effect.

The quote of the night came from Shibby, who shamefully tried to offer his top-notch hotel client 16 bread rolls instead of the 1,000 he had ordered for breakfast that morning. When posed with the question: “That hotel’s full of people, what am I going to tell them?” Shibby replied: “Try the Atkins diet?”

The saying ‘don’t promise what you can’t deliver’ springs to mind.