UK specialist frozen bakery distributors Mantinga and Boulangeries de France have announced their businesses are to merge, generating a combined turnover in excess of £8m.

It is expected that all 52 employees will be retained at the firm in order to build the business from its current 2,000-plus customer base, to supply all the sectors of the UK bake-off market.

Tierry Cacaly, MD, said the merger provided an “enviable list of synergies and efficiencies to be realised”.

“With the distribution hubs of Mantinga in Gloucester and Chester combined with the Boulangeries de France distribution hub in London, the business will be responsible for a quality next-day delivery service to customers across the majority of the UK,” he explained.

“Our product ranges are also very complementary with the strong French product range of the Boulangeries de France, which we will amalgamate with the diverse European-wide speciality bakery products supplied by Mantinga.”

The new firm’s key business strategies will be to strengthen supplier partnerships by working closer to a select number of suppliers in order to maintain preferential distributor status, and to ensure competitive pricing in the UK market.

Founder of Mantinga, Steven Mackintosh, has now moved into the role of commercial director. “We will be maintaining both the Mantinga and Boulangeries de France brands and product identities whilst we develop a new combined brand that will provide a clearer representation of our vision and business purpose,” he said.

“Mantinga Retail Ltd will continue to trade with the wholesale side being integrated into Boulangeries de France Ltd and the retail remaining with Mantinga Retail Ltd.”

The businesses where brought together through an acquisition of Mantinga Retail Ltd by Boulangeries de France. This saw the release of the Sameer Group as the private equity investor and shareholder of Mantinga.