Fats and oils supplier AAK, has introduced Akofluid sustainable palm oil to its product portfolio. It is designed to reduce waste, saturated fat usage and the impact on the environment. The firm has redeveloped its Akofluid Pumpable Shortening, which is a blend of rapeseed and palm oils, so that the palm oil content is now fully certified as being from sustainable sources.

AAK says the brand also offers reduced waste packaging and handling costs, and helps meet the Food Standards Agency’s guidelines on saturated fat content.

"Akofluid is a major step forward in the development of sustainable palm oil products for the food manufacturing industry," said the firm. "Previously there has been no sustainable option providing the blend of oils required by most manufacturers of pastry and bakery products."

The product is designed for use in cake mixes and shortcrust pastry for pie and quiche bases, and contains only 15% saturated fat. The palm oil content is certified as sustainable in line with the rules of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.