Strong pre-Christmas sales negated the effects of severe winter weather on the Real Good Food Company’s profits to 31 December 2010.

The firm said it suffered no loss of sales at all as a result of the bad weather experienced during December.

“Renshaw produced its best-ever performance in 2010, with growing exports and the increased popularity of home baking being the key drivers of strong sales growth,” announced the firm in its pre-close trading statement.

The planned expansion of its Haydens Bakery business into a new distribution centre was reported to be well advanced, while the rocketing price of sugar worldwide was seen as “a situation which should transform the dynamics of Napier Brown following a transitional year that has seen a conclusion of the EU sugar regime changes”.

Executive chairman Pieter Totté commented: “We have three exciting businesses, each with prospects for continued further progress in the current year, and a significantly reduced level of bank borrowings. I look forward to reporting further on our progress over the coming months.”

The Real Good Food Company is comprised of Napier Brown – an independent non-refining distributor of sugar in Europe; bakery ingredients supplier Renshaw; and patisserie and dessert manufacturer Haydens Bakery.

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