Roberts Bakeries in Cheshire has installed five purpose-designed high-speed Series 515 print-and-apply labelling machines. The machines allow individual loaves, fed from different lines, to be identified at a central point for loading into trays - either by operators or automatically.

The Series 515 machine, supplied by Logopak UK, can label up to 60 loaves a minute. Small bar-code labels are printed and applied to loaves wrapped in branded film, while larger labels with ingredients information are placed on loaves in plain film.

The machine has a blow-on label applicator, which has been designed to attach the labels to the top of each loaf, and is able to swing through 30 degrees. "To achieve speeds of 60 loaves a minute, continuous motion is necessary, but there can be no pressure on the loaves, which are still warm," explained Wilson Clark, Logopak UK general manager. "So by matching the speed of the loaves the applicator head ensures good adhesion without risk of damage."