MY: Nothing beats the "real thing" - if your counters look great and your products appetising, they should sell themselves. But we do use our menu boards to reinforce our products, with strong photographic imagery, and this helps to increase the appetite appeal.

BA: Packaging and POS are all part of the brand experience, second only to serving an authentic product via great customer service. It all helps the consumer make that speedy decision on their returning visit with the reassurance of a standard guarantee across our brands. Consistent standards are vital.

FP: Branded packaging is important, as often, products can be taken back to work premises to consume and others will see the branding. We try to keep POS in one part of the shop so that customers are not bombarded and stop reading it.

SW: Branding is of key importance to our business. We have just re-branded and modernised our logo. We have brought in new packaging to include a heat sealable sandwich wedge. Wenzel’s also tries to use bio-degradable packaging where possible.


=== Industry bread-heads ===

Michele Young [MY], retail & brands director, BB’s Coffee and Muffins

Britta Ashu [BA], brand manager, Upper Crust

Fiona Phillips [FP], development director, Aulds

Sarah Wenzel [SW], owner, Wenzel’s Bakery