Fresh savoury bakery products are very much in demand by consumers, but retailers need to make the most of in-store siting in order to capitalise on the opportunity, according to Lantmännen Unibake UK.

The bakery manufacturer combined in-store shopping research, telephone interview and focus group discussions, to find out consumers’ shopping habits and the eating occasions for fresh savoury bakery products.

In its findings, Lantmännen reported that the savouries market is posting 52-week growth of 4.8% (Nielsen Total ISB, Total Coverage, Value/ Unit sales, 52 w/e 24.12.11), and is outperforming the total in-store bakery market.

According to the firm, consumers said that savoury bakery snacks ticked several boxes in terms of “offering for money, appropriate portion sizes, good product quality and a satisfying eat”.

“Some even commented spontaneously on the good value for money offered by savouries in comparison to alternative options such as crisps,” said the firm.

The research also found that most savoury bakery is purchased for immediate consumption by an individual,
“typically while on-the-go out of home but also for eating at work or once returned home”.

Mid-morning or at lunchtime were the key consumption occasions, and Lantmännen said that, to capitalise on these occasions, retailers need to match their in-store siting to the shopper mission. “Displaying savoury bakery products in the right areas of the store for ‘food for now’ missions will pay dividends.”

Claire Warren, senior marketing manager at Lantmännen Unibake UK, said: “Freshly baked savoury pastries are seen by consumers as a distinct category, offering products perfectly suited to being enjoyed at lunchtime or as a snack on the move. This makes them a fantastic opportunity for convenience retailers.

“The fact that most purchases are made by individuals for immediate consumption is important too. Individual servings or merchandising caters for this, and retailers can highlight that products are freshly baked in order to maximise impulse appeal. Promotional activities can also tap into the insights from the research. For example, the consumers we spoke to revealed that savouries are best matched with a cold drink, rather than a cup of tea or coffee – a point that offers good ideas for meal deal activities.”